The Story -
Vinyl, it's vinylly here! It may have taken us some time, but it's here and it's here to be heard! Our EP ACUITY is now, besides iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud, OUT ON VINYL, :).
Hell yays, freakin vinyl I says. Thats somethin’ physical!

But let's just rewind a little and have us explain what’s up with this EP of ours. Aside from the late drunk nights in the studio and the extremely hungover mornings in the studio kind of crap, we’ve actually thought this one fully through.

We wanted the best of sound, depth and originality. We had to fall, get up and learn an awful lot. And even though the process may have taken a bit longer than we wanted, we gathered a ton of experience. We are extremely happy with the way it turned out, and we sure as hell hope you are too!
The Goal -
Apart from the fact that we wanted to create a product that resonates with us, we want to give something that resonates with YOU. Something that makes us smile and something that makes you smile (and again that will make us smile, believe us (little feedback loop)).

We know the music industry can be a rather harsh little devil for upcoming music acts, hence we would love this record to be the introduction to us.

Will you help us?
You -
Besides the fact that you can listen and download ACUITY for free (which you can do from here), you are able to support us throughout our mission by purchasing our Vinyl record. How un artistic it may sound, we do depend a little on you! I know that sounds a bit intense, but look at it from an ACUTE angle, you buy our EP and we can make music for a couple of days. You can help us sing the next notes. You can help us write the next lines. You can turn make us turn that knob. Do you feel like being a part of it?
Video -
Order -
Great! Now you want to order one of these fresh pieces of vinyl!
Couple of things though, because we are not a gigantic record company with the luxuries of pretty ladies who send packages across the globe and a darn lot of dough. So for the time being you can only come and pick up your order at our studio in Groningen.

For special occasions we might send a copy to your specifications, please mail us at
(We're working on the shipping part)
  • Size: 12"
  • Speed: 45RPM
  • Duration: +/− 20min
Thank you! Man you saved our ass, now we can pay rent! We've sent you an email with instructions to pick up the record. We look forward to see/meet you! Cheers!